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Since 1985 your partner for farm automation, optimizing animal welfare and productivity with our computerized livestock solutions.

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Achieve optimal bird performance. With our computerized ventilation, feeding and weighing systems you have full control over all processes inside your poultry house. Guaranteeing a optimal environment that satisfies the birds' requirements.

Poultry solutions

Achieve optimal pig performance. With our computerized ventilation, feeding and weighing systems you have full control over all processes inside your pig house. Guaranteeing a optimal environment that satisfies the pigs requirements.

Pig solutions
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Anywhere, anytime you will be able to see the performance of your animals. Real-time information will allow you to make better decisions, now and in the future.

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OPTICON Agri-Systems has been established in 1985, and specializes in the design and manufacturing of farm automation equipment.

Today, farms throughout the market in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and the Middle East are equipped with our computerized livestock solutions. Our goal is to be the most innovative in our field, constantly trying to find ways to improve our products to meet the demands of our customers..


Nowadays most successful farmers make “data-driven” decisions to increase productivity, welfare and on-farm effectiveness. Incorrect decisions, errors in process execution and errors in communication based on incorrect data can have major consequences.

At Opticon Agri-Systems, we believe that reliable data is essential to your business. Reliable data is our top priority. We continuously focus on monitoring the data and improving our control systems.

Our goal is to develop control systems that are durable, reliable and accurate. Through our user-friendly management software you gain access to all farm data. This way you can now make decisions based substantiated by numbers

Realized projects

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    “In 1998 when I attended a feed meeting the Opticon bird scale was introduced. There was an Opticon display model at that particular meeting that I further investigated. I decided that day to order my scale and put it to the test. I'm still a satisfied user”
    Mr. Ruben Waldner
    Turkey farmer - CA
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    “Opticon's controllers provide all the necessary functions to operate my farms for the ventilation of my pig finisher houses.”
    Mr. Smeijers
    Pig farmer -NL
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    "In 1987 we installed the Opticon climate solution in our poultry farm. During the years following we installed Opticon feeding solutions and Opticon weighing solutions.Nowadays our farms are fully automated by computerized Opticon controllers. "”
    Mr. and Ms. Koebrugge
    Broiler breeder farm - NL
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    "Knowing the broiler breeders weight and body composition provides me the necessary information to make any needed adjustments. I am very satisfied with the weighing results throughout the flock. Feed formulation is fully based on the weight information provided by the Opticon weighing system.
    Ben Beerens
    Broiler breeder farm - NL

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