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Turkey weighing system helps me to achieve superior bird performance

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    jenniskens turkey farms

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    Turkey weighing scales

In the past I was manually weighing my birds which was a clumsy and time consuming activity. Despite the fact that I was very sceptical about automatically weighing my birds I started in 2001 using the weighing solutions of Opticon Agri-systems.

Working with the system provided insight in the growth of my birds which stimulated me to spend extra effort to reach my goals. The weighing system is nowadays an indispensable management tool and I have installed a automatic bird weighing system in all of my turkey houses. It provides me actual and accurate info about the weight of my flock.

The first thing I do every morning is checking the growth trend; this is for me the key info. The system enables me to respond much faster because I am informed about the weight of my birds real-time. When I notice something abnormal or if the birds are behind target, I can provide special attention to the birds. Also it provides me the tools to obtain much more accurate the slaughter weight and provide a better planning for the slaughterhouse. Also it provides me hard data which I use in meetings with my veterinarian and feed advisors.

Every day is a challenge to achieve superior bird performance. The Opticon weighing solution provides me the data to better manage and achieve better result. We are very satisfied with the systems.

Biography :

Owner of a turkey grower farm and a pig finishing facility in the southeast part of the Netherlands. The turkey farm has a total capacity of approximately 40.000 birds. Most of the time he grows BUT Big 6 and also some times KellyBronze. He runs the complete operation with only 3 persons.

  • Name: Mr. Jenniskens
  • Occupation: Turkey farmer
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