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Silo weighing in my poultry farm provides me complete control over the feed process

  • poultry farm vanhuylenbrouck

    poultry farm vanhuylenbrouck

  • feed silo weighing poultry farm

    feed silo weighing poultry farm

Using Opticon’s ventilations solutions for many years convinced me to also start using  the Opticon poultry silo weighing solution.

The feed silo weighing system provides me complete control over the feed process. The system measures and controls the amount of feed which can be adjusted by a pre-set feed curve. This way I am certain that the exact amount of feed is supplied at the right time. I feed 4 times a day 1500kg of feed per feeding time. The Opticon silo weighing solution provides the exact feed consumption data, this gives me an early warning if something is wrong. Also the water-feed ratio is calculated which is an important indicator for me.

Up to now I have good results with all Opticon equipment. It is very easy to operate and reliable. I am sure that this piece of equipment will help me and other farmers to improve their production due to the excellent performance of the Opticon products.

Biography :

Owner of a layer farm located in Belgium. Recently a brand new layer house facility was finished consisting of two levels providing a capacity for a total of 60.000 layers.

  • Name: Mr. Vanhuylenbrouck
  • Occupation: poultry farmer
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