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Opticon's poultry controllers fulfil all my wishes to run my farms in an efficient way

Koebrugge Broiler Breeder Farms

In 1987 we installed the Opticon climate solution in our poultry farm. During the years following we installed Opticon feeding solutions and Opticon weighing solutions.

Nowadays our farms are fully automated by computerized Opticon controllers. This guarantees an environment (e.g. climate, feed, water)  that optimal satisfies birds requirements. The Opticon weighing solution provides us the real-time weighing indicators to monitor the growth and health conditions of the flock.

The Opticon computerized solutions fulfil all my wishes to run my farms in an efficient way. They are easy to use and have great reliability. The first installed system back in 1987 is still running satisfactorily.

However the eye of the master remains necessary to fatten the flock.

Biography :
Owning a breeder farm with a total capacity of 20.000 birds. The farm is fully equipped with automated controllers of Opticon enabling them to run the farm with only two persons.
  • Name: Mr. and Ms. Koebrugge
  • Occupation: Broiler breeder farmer
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