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Opticon climate controllers are cheap, reliable and efficient to use

Ardebil Poultry

The birds have to breathe in a good environment in order to grow and produce in the best possible way.  A climate control system, which can provide enough fresh air and take out dirty air from the house, will provide an environment, which is rich in Oxygen and minimum amount of dust and a good litter.

These days the cost of hiring a specialist and trained worker is overwhelmingly high so why we should not put this role on the precise-working computers. Without the worries of such workers forgetting to fix the system, we can almost totally rely on the automatic climate control system. In the long term, it is cheaper, more reliable and more efficient to use automatic climate control systems. We chose the Opticon climate control systems because their good reputation in the market.

After installing the Opticon climate system along with suitable equipment and learning the knowhow of working with this system, we have a very smooth climate control process, which has provided us piece of mind and a very good quality environment where our birds inhale a fresh air and move on a very dry nice floor to have the best performance.

Biography :

Owner of Ardebil Poultry, broiler breeder farms in the North west of Iran. With a total broiler breeder capacity of approximately 200.000 birds divided over several sites.

  • Name: Mr. Hajnouri
  • Occupation: Poultry producer
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