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Broiler breeder management with input from Bird weigher.

  • parent stock weighing

    parent stock weighing

  • broiler breeder management

    broiler breeder management

Knowing the broiler breeders weight and body composition provides me the necessary information to make any needed adjustments. However accurate weighing the broiler breeders is a challenging process.

Firstly, pullets and cockerels that are raised together have different bodyweights and are therefore difficult to weight separately. Moreover the bodyweights at 30 weeks of age only increases 20 grams a week. This is so minimal that the recorded weights should be very accurate to observe this.

We already are using the electronic platform scales from Opticon for several years. The fist years, the growth trend indicated by the Opticon weigher was acceptable but weight fluctuations between different days were to large. This pattern mainly occurred when the birds became older and the weight gain was at a minimum. We raised this issue with the technicians of Opticon, because we wanted reliable weighing data at all times. To exactly find out what was going on some field test where done, which resulted in a new broiler breeders weighing algorithm. The previous observed weight fluctuations are history.

At the moment I am very satisfied with the weighing results throughout the flock. Feed formulation is fully based on the weight information provided by the Opticon weighing system.

Biography :
Owner of a broiler breeder farm in the Netherlands. The farm has a total capacity of approximately 60.000 birds. For more information visit his site : greenfarm
  • Name: Ben Beerens
  • Occupation: Broiler breeder farmer
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