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Ventilation system poultry, breeder house North Ireland

  • ventilation system poultry farm

    ventilation system poultry farm

  • air inlets

    air inlets

  • temperature sensor poultry house

    temperature sensor poultry house

Poultry ventilation for a two new broiler breeder houses in Ireland was realized in co-operation with our dealer DMC Feed systems Ltd.

The project consist of two houses of each 300 x 58 feet connected with a central corridor. Each house will have 8000 female and 700 male breeder layer birds.

Air inlets

Each house is equipped with side air inlets with light traps. The air inlets are controlled separately and each side of the house contains a temperature sensor. This way a consistent temperature with a perfect airflow can be achieved. The amount of air is controlled by 14 on/off fans inside the chimney mounted in the rooftop. All chimneys are equipped with motorized dampers to close the chimney shaft when the fan is off. Each chimney has a bowl type drip tray to block direct daylight. This works better than a cap on top of the chimney an there is less dropping in performance as control over lighting is critical for results.

Ventilation system

Opticon’s MCC-10 climate computer measures and controls the in-house temperature. Fans provide fresh air and cooling during hot weather. A refresh timer (i.e. controlling the fans based on time) guarantees a minimum of fresh air regardless of in-house temperature. The amount of fresh air and cooling is controlled in 10 stage. The system also shifts between fans, this way the operating hours of each fan is equally distributed.

Alarm system

A complete independent alarm system is installed. Based on pre-defined set points a alarm will be triggered if the house temperature is too high or too low. The build in rechargeable battery guarantees alarm in case of a power failure.

Project Summary :
  • MCC-10 Climate controller
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • OKA-20 Alarm unit
  • Frequency controls
  • OptiLink farm management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : broiler breeder farm
  • Location : North Ireland
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