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Pig feeding equipment, pig farm UK

  • pig feeding equipment

    pig feeding equipment

  • pig feeding equipment

    pig feeding equipment

  • FWU 20 - batch feed weigher

    FWU 20 - batch feed weigher

Pig feeding equipment for a pig farm in the United Kingdom was installed in co-operation with our dealer PBS.

The pigs in the farm consisting of 3 departments each with 10 pens will be fed ad-lib.


Management system for the modern pig house

Opticon's controllers provide all the necessary functions to operate my farms

Pig heating and ventilation system finisher houses

  • pig-ventilation-system


  • pig finisher barn

    pig finisher barn

Pig ventilation and heating system, finisher houses in the Netherlands

Via our dealer Veldman Techniek/Eshuis in the eastern part of Holland in an area with a high concentration of pig farmers, Opticon has finished a new pig finishing project.


temperatured controlled hog farm

  • pig climate system

    pig climate system

  • pig farm ventilation duct

    pig farm ventilation duct


Opticon supplied the complete climate solution for a pig farm located in the Netherlands. Supplemental heat is provided by controlled delta heating tubes in the nursery facility, and the farrowing rooms are fully facilitated with floor heating. 

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