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temperatured controlled hog farm

  • pig climate system

    pig climate system

  • pig farm ventilation duct

    pig farm ventilation duct


Opticon supplied the complete climate solution for a pig farm located in the Netherlands. Supplemental heat is provided by controlled delta heating tubes in the nursery facility, and the farrowing rooms are fully facilitated with floor heating. 

The ventilation rates are separately controlled for each room by adjusting the motorized air flaps based on the airflow. The central exhaust fans create a negative pressure by blowing air out of the building, this creates a slight negative pressure (vacuum) drawing fresh air into the building through the inlets.  A scubbing system prevents air pollution by recovering the powder contained in the exhaust air.

A pressure sensor measures the pressure difference between the pig rooms and the central ventilation duct, determining the air quantity that passes in the exhaust duct. Guaranteeing very accurate measurements even if the air quantity is very low. 

Farm details:

·         500 sows

·         1900 pre finishing pigs up to 25 kg

·         2000 finishing pigs upto 115 kg.

Project Summary :
  • MCC-10 Climate solution
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Air flow wheels with controllable dampers
  • Frequency controls
  • OptiLink farm management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : Pig Farm
  • Location : The Netherlands
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