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Poultry ventilation system, poultry houses India

  • poultry house bhagwati

    poultry house bhagwati

  • poultry ventilation system

    poultry ventilation system

  • poultry ventilation fans

    poultry ventilation fans


Our poultry ventilation systems are installed at Bhagwati Farms located in Sonepad, India.

The project consists of 4 broiler breeder houses each with a dimension of 77 x 17 meter. Every farm is fully equipped with cages, housing the males and females birds separately.

Mechanical ventilation with air inlets on both sides of the farm provide a constant minimum ventilation. During hot climate conditions the poultry ventilation system will automatically change to tunnel ventilation and makes use of pad cooling to keep birds cool. This guarantees during all weather conditions the right in-house environmental conditions improving bird performance.

Project Summary :
  • MCC-10 Climate solution
  • OPT-10 Temperature sensors
  • OPT-34 Relative humidity sensors
  • OPT-42 Pressure sensors
  • SMU-10 Flap contol units
  • OKA-20 Alarm unit
  • TH-2 Alarm thermostats
  • Frequency controller
  • Panel box
  • ACT-20 Communication interface
  • OptiLink poultry farm management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : Poultry farms
  • Location : India
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