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Poultry scales providing real-time weights data from the bird

  • poultry farms poland

    poultry farms poland

  • poultry scale

    poultry scale

  • wireless communication poultry weighing system

    wireless communication poultry weighing system


Poultry scales supplied by Opticon providing a complete weighing solution for 19 poultry farm located in Poland. On each site the bird weighing systems are wireless connected with each other by a radio frequency communication.

All valuable weight information from the birds can be monitored wirelessly in the main office. The OptiLink poultry management solution provides insights in the weights of the flock and compare farms against each other. The poultry weighing system provides de Farm manager real-time valuable flock information to spot trends and issues. 

Project Summary :
  • DWS-20 poultry weighing system
  • ACT-20 communication interface
  • COM-40 radio frequency wireless communication
  • OptiLink poultry management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : Poultry farms
  • Location : Poland
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