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Poultry management system poultry farm Belgium

  • Poultry management system

    Poultry management system

  • controlling manure drying system

    controlling manure drying system

  • feed weighing and distribution solution

    feed weighing and distribution solution


A poultry management system was supplied for a brand new layer farm located in Thisnes, a small village near Luik in Belguim.

The poultry management system controls the ventilation and feed distribution. The farm has a capacity of 78.000 layers divided over 5 rows of each 8 tiers high. Apart from the controlling the in-house climate and feed distribution in the layer house we also supplied the complete controlling for the manure drying system.


Project Summary :
  • MCC-10 Climate solution
  • PMS-20 Poultry management system
  • SMU-10 for controlling inlets
  • FWU-20 Feed batch weighing unit
  • ORU-30 Fan control
  • ACT-20 Communication interface
  • Temperature sensors and relative humidity sensors
  • OptiLink Poultry management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : Layer farm
  • Location : Belgium
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