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Pig heating and ventilation system finisher houses

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    pig finisher barn

Pig ventilation and heating system, finisher houses in the Netherlands

Via our dealer Veldman Techniek/Eshuis in the eastern part of Holland in an area with a high concentration of pig farmers, Opticon has finished a new pig finishing project.

The projects consist of in total 3 finishing barns. All barns are provided with central exhausting ventilation system. In a central exhaust system, all the rooms of the total building are connected to a structural air duct with centrally located fans. Each room is equipped with a variable valve (damper) to control the air quantity per room. The central fans are controlled by means of a frequency regulator on the basis of the negative pressure in the duct system. This gives us the possibility to control the climate during all ages and during cold and warm seasons. The system also eliminates the influence of wind. Resulting in a stable room temperature, regardless the outside weather conditions.

Pig finisher barn

Fresh air supply, pig finisher barns

  • air scrubbing system

    air scrubbing system

  • central duct system pig

    central attic

  • waved form ceiling

    waved form ceiling

  • air flow waved form ceiling

    air flow waved form ceiling

The fresh air enters the building on each end wall. The air travels slowly without being influenced by wind over the attic. The attic is covered with high quality insulation material which will pass the air.

After passing the insulation, the air will be distributed through a special ceiling.
The wave formed ceiling is made out of PVC with special holes to distribute the air over the whole surface without creating any draft. This works perfect during wintertime when the incoming air is below the target temperature. To create extra capacity, there is an adjustable air inlet in the center of the room which can be controlled manually. Even when there is a large difference in temperature above and below the ceiling, there is no condensation and dripping of water.

Ventilation control system, pig finisher barns

  • opt10 temperature sensor

    temperature sensor

  • airflow wheel

    air flow wheel

  • central duct pig finisher barn

    central duct system

In the room is only one temperature sensor installed. This sensor is connected to the MCC-10 climate computer. When the actual temperature is above the target value, the computer will increase the ventilation capacity by opening a damper valve. This damper valve is in a tube which allows the air to pass to the central exhaust duct system. The damper is activated by a small motor, which is installed in the central corridor and will not be affected by the ammonia in the room.

In this tube where the damper is situated, there is also an air flow wheel. This wheel measures the amount of airflow. The information will be gathered and processed by the climate computer in order to create the exact amount of fresh air as required.

After passing the tube, the air enters the central duct system which is situated right above the central corridor. Within the duct a pressure sensor installed. The sensor measures continuously the difference in pressure between outside and the duct. When one room needs more fresh air, the damper will open more. This implies that the pressure in the central duct will drop and the other rooms will have less fresh air as before which is not acceptable. Therefore the MCC-10 climate computer keeps the pressure in the duct at a constant value and eliminates mutual influence between the rooms. In practice: the central exhaust fans will be increased in capacity in such a way that all the rooms will still have the requested ventilation.

The exhaust fans are situated in a group at the end of the duct. After passing these fans, the air will be forced to pass an air scrubbing (filtering) system to reduce the exposure of ammonia, odor and dust. These fans are sspeed controlled by the MCC-10 climate computer via a frequency controller.

Heating system, pig finisher barns

  • heating tubing system pig finisher house

    heating tubing system

  • tichelmann principle

    tichelmann principle

There is no boiler installed for heating the houses. The only equipment for heating is a pump and of course the floor heating in every room. In the building are always pigs of different ages and different weights. So they have also different demand for heat. The older pigs produce heat and the younger pigs demanding heat. The pumps constantly pumping the water through the individual floor heating systems into the special central main tube construction. The main tube construction is made according the reverse return principle (Tichelmann).

The Tichelmann principle is that all heating/cooling areas of a heating circuit have the same pipe length. In this project no energy is used for heating, apart from the electricity for operating the pump.

Cooling and soaking system, pig finisher barns

pressure nozzle pig farm

In every room a tubing system with low pressure nozzles is installed. These nozzles will create a fine mist for cooling during hot weather. The nozzles will be controlled by the MCC-10 climate controller. But at the same time the nozzles can be used for soaking the rooms before cleaning. The start and running times can be set at the climate computer. The farmer needs less time for cleaning but the main advantage is that less water is necessary which will be collected into the manure pit.

Project Summary :
  • MCC-10 Climate solution
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Air flow wheels with controllable dampers
  • Frequency controls
  • OptiLink farm management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : Pig finisher farms
  • Location : The Netherlands
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