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Pig feeding equipment, pig farm UK

  • pig feeding equipment

    pig feeding equipment

  • pig feeding equipment

    pig feeding equipment

  • FWU 20 - batch feed weigher

    FWU 20 - batch feed weigher

Pig feeding equipment for a pig farm in the United Kingdom was installed in co-operation with our dealer PBS.

The pigs in the farm consisting of 3 departments each with 10 pens will be fed ad-lib.

Pig batch weighing system

The OPTICON PMS-20 system controls and monitors real-time the feed consumption of the pigs. The FWU-20 is a batch weighing system which automatically mixed the right amount of ingredients an passes it through the feed line into the pens. The OPT-26 Feed sensors sends a signal to the PMS-20 controller if additional feed it needed. Up to five Feed and five water sensors can be monitored simultaneously with one PMS-20.

The system provides instant access to feed usage data off each pen separately . The collected data is automatically send to the OptiLink web-server making the data worldwide accessible through the internet

Project Summary :
  • PMS-20 Pig feeding system
  • OPT-26 Feed sensors
  • FWU-20 Feed batch weigher
  • OptiLink farm management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : Pig farm UK
  • Location : United Kingdom
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