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Bird scales, automatically weighing flock in Ireland

  • broiler breeders on weighing platform

    broiler breeders on weighing platform

  • bird scale weighing system

    bird scale weighing system

  • bird scale converter box

    bird scale converter box

Automatic Bird scales for two new broiler breeder houses in Ireland were installed in co-operation with our dealer DMC Feed systems Ltd.

The project consist of two houses of each 300 x 58 feet connected with a central corridor. Each house will have 8000 female an 700 male breeder layer birds.

Bird weighing scales

Bird weighing monitors real-time the growth of the broiler breeders which provides essential weight information. The objective of broiler breeder farming is to ensure correct growth and development, minimize variation within flocks and sexes and to be able to deliver the flock at the desired target weight.

Opticon DWS-20 bird weighing system with two bird weighing platforms were installed, one at each side of the nest. The bird weighing system is connected with Optilink (i.e. management pc software) proving valuable weight information of both males and females. Based on graphs and diagrams trends and issues can be spot easily. Resulting in less overall effort (e.g. no manually weighing needed) and greater overall flock insights.

Project Summary :
  • DWS-20 Bird scales
  • Bird weighing platforms
  • OptiLink farm management solution
About the Project :
  • Farm : broiler breeder farm
  • Location : Ireland
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