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Poultry water consumption

poultry water consumption

Providing adequate, good quality water supply to poultry is critical for getting good performance. A bird’s body consists mostly out of water which is an important dietary requirement. Water is not only a nutrient, it also softens food and carries it through the body, aids in digestion ad absorption, and cools the body as is evaporates through the brid’s lungs and air sacs.

Measuring water consumption is one of the simplest and most effective tools to monitor flock progress. Because indicating inconsistencies in water usage patterns can be a usefull tool in establishing root causes of performance issues.

Opticon computerized poultry watering systems

Our computerized poultry watering systems are capable of controlling and/or recording the water consumption per bird. The number of houses can be increased easily, which results in a highly flexible overall poultry watering solution.