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Poultry Lighting program

broiler lighting program

The seasonal and daily biological rhythm of poultry is mediated by light. Light helps birds to be productive, finding food and stimulating them for reproduction. Besides light poultry need a dark period for maintaining good health and producing melatonin hormone which is very important for the immune function.

Poultry lighting programs vary widely depending on the strain of bird, housing type, geographical location and the season. Also the type of artificial lighting used and the color of the light rays depends on the desired results. For example red and orange lights stimulate egg productions, while blue and green lights improve growth, and lower age at sexual maturity. Also birds are calmer in blue light resulting is less feather pecking.

Opticon poultry lighting systems

The poultry lighting program is customizable depending on the desired requirements. Automatically adjusting the lighting periods according the weather conditions and season. Forgetting to switch on the light hampering the egg and meat production of poultry belongs to the past.