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Pigs water consumption

pig watering


Providing adequate, good quality water supply to pigs is critical for getting good performance. Water may be the most crucial 'nutrient', and is best made available to pigs all times. In hot climates the water should be kept as cool as practical in order to achieve optimal weight gain. The water needs to bee free from pathogens, and contain not more than 5000 ppm of total dessolved solids. Failure to fulfill thes minimum quality criteria may cause sicknes of the pigs 'refusal to drink.

Measuring water consumption is one of the simplest and most effective tools to monitor pig progress. Because indicating inconsistencies in water usage patterns can be a useful tool in establishing root causes of performance issues.

Opticon’s poultry water solutions

Our computerized pig watering system is capable controlling and/or recording the water consumption. The number of houses can be increased easily, which results in a highly flexible overall pig watering solution. Enabling you to respond in time before abnormalities can affect pigs health.