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Pigs feed efficiency / conversion

pigs feed efficiency

Feed efficiency is  considered as an important parameter assessing the potential of pig strain or feeding programs. However many factors (e.g. pig age, gender, genotype, health and environmental temperature) affecting feed intake and growth rate. Although the single largest factor effecting feed efficiency is the energy level of the feed. Research shown that as the nutrient level of diets is reduced, pig eat more to compensate. 

Therefore nowadays feed efficiency can be quite a variable number, and perhaps losing is significance as being able to compare pigs performance under a range of field conditions. High energy prices often result in lower energy values usage in one or all of the diets of feeding program.

Striving for a low feed efficiency may not be always the most  economical situation, because economics may dictate the optimum use of low rather than high diet energy levels. Much more useful measures will be feed cost/kg weight gain for economic insights or energy intake per unit of weight gain for feed usage.

Opticon computerized pig feed usage solutions

Our computerized pig feeding usage solution is capable controlling and/or recording the feed consumption per pig. Providing insight in measures such as energy intake per unit of weight gain, feed efficiency, feed cost/kg weight gain at a glance.