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Pig cooling

pig cooling

A ventilation system alone can never reduce inside temperature below temperatures outside the building. During hot climate conditions additional cooling systems must be utilized to keep pigs cool. While hot weather usually not results in death losses it can reduce pig fertility, appetite and feed utilisation efficiency resulting in significant drop in production and consequently profitability.

To relieve heat stress, pigs depend upon heat dissipation to their environment in one or more of the following ways, convection, conduction, radiation, or evaporation through the respiratory tract (panting). Evaporative cooling from the body surface also is possible if some type of artificial surface wetting (e.g. spray cooling, cooling pads) is provided along with adequate air movement over the animals.

Opticon computerized pig cooling solutions

Opticon computerized pig cooling systems work with a variety of evaporative systems. Evaporative cooling pads alone, or in combination with fogging nozzles, or fogging nozzles alone, can prevent heat stress and unnecessary suffering of the animals. Resuling in optimizing productivity and profitability.