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Livestock management

optilink management program

In order to achieve optimum efficiency, a good management programme is a must. The OptiLink management program automatically collects all data relevant for you from the processing computers and saves these to your PC or server. These data are automatically processed in the management program and are translated into performances of your stock and the efficiency of your company.

Analysing measurement data

Diagrams of all data are automatically created, which you can compare with one another or with the standard in a trice, and which can be zoomed in on down to the smallest detail. You can also compare the pens with each other and previous rounds. On the basis of all information you can decide whether modifications are necessary.


If necessary you can change the settings of your processing computers on-line, give the order whether to save measurement data or not, and send e-mails and reports to advising bodies. It is also possible to send an e-mail to your mobile telephone at fixed times. This way, you will be informed worldwide about everything connected with your stock, and the efficiency of your company.

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